Work "as you"

A "virtual" in-house computer consultant working for you!

Are you a small business without an IT department and would like to increase your business clout by having a tame computer consultant appearing to be "in-house"? If so, then read on.

Working as near
as possible to you

Would you benefit from:

  • A knowledgable and personable computer professional who
  • Has taken the time to understand your business, can
  • Ask the right questions and 
  • Appears to be part of your business
  • Without paying for someone full-time, and
  • Will still be around to work on your behalf throughout the project?

We've worked as very short term contractors - that is attending meetings with local business organisations, and appearing to all intents and purposes to be working exclusively for that organisation. We can increase your business reputation by one of our consultants appearing on your behalf as an in-house person, without costing you the earth. We can also correspond with your client, sending emails from our site, using your organisation's email "domain".

Contact Jet Net Systems on 01256 819531 for more details.

tel:  01256 819531
mob:  07770 808843