Web Services

Websites are everywhere these days. At Jet Net Systems we pride ourselves on creating websites that look good and work well. We have been told by our customers that we create websites that are very intuitive. 

Zoom Along!

New Websites

New Websites: If you haven't got a website - contact us! We can build complete websites from the ground up, or we can add functions to existing websites or Content Management System websites.

We can:

• Source website hosting • Design the underlying website database
• Design the pages • Create website design
• Translate Photoshop-type designs

for your business!

Existing Websites

New Widgets: Perhaps your website is missing that all-important widget to calculate your profit after expenses and tax, luxury yachts and business jets or suchlike? Jet Net Systems can create additional widgets (or even entire web pages) that fit in with your existing site.

Perhaps your website needs:

• A log-in area • A dynamic drop-down menu from your products?
• Prices in different currencies? • Identify the client's country and currency?
• Display a "carousel" of products? • Payment from a payment provider?
• something else?

Contact us - we can help!

Unhappy with your website provider: A few of our customers have asked us to move websites from one provider to another. We can move your data, the website pages themselves and all the pictures. For an additional fee we can convert the website from one "language" to another - e.g. ASP to PHP or vice versa. You will need to provide us with log in details for both the old and the new sites. 

If you're thinking of doing this, then we strongly suggest that you speak to us first before doing anything about it! At the very least we can give you some sound advice.

Unhappy with your website: You've got a website that no longer does what you want it to do. Goalposts have moved and you've a site that no longer quite fits the bill, but you cannot afford to get a new one?

Contact us, we've loads of experience of enhancing (and fixing errors in) websites!

e-mail:  andy@jet-net.co.uk
tel:  01256 819531
mob:  07770 808843