We like people!!

All of our customers are valued. Our customers know that if they've got a query, they've only to pick up the phone to get a direct answer to their questions. We'll be friendly and supportive and try to get an answer to them as soon as possible, though obviously some issues will be more involved than others. 




All of our products come with free support. You can ask us as many questions as you like!

We've supported people using our applications and websites from the most timid computer user - to technically savvy people.

We always treat our customers with respect and endeavour to talk to them at a level of knowledge they'll understand.


like going downhill!


We like to help you to help yourself!

If you feel that you could be working better on your website yourself, or if you cannot get your head around something on the computer, then contact us!

e-mail:  andy@jet-net.co.uk
tel:  01256 819531
mob:  07770 808843