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E Commerce Screenshots
E Commerce Screenshots

We can work with you on Joomla!, WordPress or other E-Commerce website "engines", but this page highlights our own e-commerce product.

Our client is a graphic designs company. They approached Jet Net Systems to create a completely customised website from the ground up.

Jet Net designed the underlying database and the website pages, from the designs created by the graphic designs company.

Content Management System 

The e-commerce site is also a Content Management System (CMS) providing administration facilities to provide the website owner with the ability to change many aspects of the website themselves.

Multi-Currency Product Management

The website ownert has the ability to upload product details, images and prices in
  • British Pounds
  • Euros and
  • US Dollars. 

Website clients are identified by their country, and relevant prices in Pounds Sterling, Euros or US Dollars are presented to them. 

Discount Code Management

The CMS also provides a discount code management facility with a time-limit date. All the products on the website can also be time-limited to only display between two dates.

Partner retailers displayed on an interactive map

Website clients can also look for trade or online retailers of the website owner's products through use of an interactive world map detailing partners which the website owner can change through the CMS.

Featured and product randomisation

The CMS provides also for management of adverts that appear on the site:

  • Large banner adverts
  • Featured products from one category
  • A selection of other products from other categories not in the featured products.

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