Email to mobile phone text with replies

Joined up communications with e2text

Our product - in association with another local company - provides the facility to send any email via any email software to a mobile phone SMS (Short Message System) text message.

It works on the PC and on the Mac, and you don't have to install anything, just use your standard email - be it Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, or even Mac Mail and webmail.

One of our clients is sending email to texts to Singapore from the UK, and receiving replies from Singaporean mobiles, right into their email - inbox with the original message included.

Replies are handled by the application and are returned as an email - optionally with the original message included.


How it works

  • Send an email to mobile phone
  • You'll receive an SMS text on that mobile
  • Send an SMS reply on that mobile
  • You'll receive an email sent to the address you sent from


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